Sega Crazy Taxi - PC
Sega Crazy Taxi - PC
Sega Crazy Taxi - PC
Price: $20.98 FREE for Members
Released: September 24, 2002
User Rating: 4.6000 out of 5 Stars! (5 Votes)

Grab the wheel and prepare for the craziest cab rideof your life!Product InformationCrazy Taxi the smash arcade hit comes to the PC!Hang on -- you're going for the ride of your life! CrazyTaxi turns your PC into one wild joyride fueled by cabbies lead-footing it forthe ultimate prize -- Cash. You're trying to score as many tips as possible inrecord time which means you don't have time for obstacles. Scream your faresacross parks drive under water catch air over buildings swerve throughoncoming traffic and don't think twice about charging up a one-way street thewrong way if it'll get you there faster. The city is full of crazy twists andturns but you've got money on your mind so keep it floored watch out for thewalls and go for the gold!Weave your way through crowded streets across sidewalks and even under water ina wild and frantic race to deliver passengers on time.In Crazy Taxi PC time is money and only the craziest of cabbies earn theirfare!Product Features Four unique cabs and drivers each with their own style and attitude. Two expansive interactive courses for extensive gameplay. Nine mini-games challenge your mastery of various driving skills. True driving dynamics. Massive interactive courses will keep you behind the wheel for endless hours! Play 3 game modes: Arcade Original Crazy Box Rocking soundtrack with brand new songs!Minimum Requirements Windows 98 Me 2000 XP Pentium III 500MHz Athlon/Duron 500MHz Celeron 600MHz 64MB RAM 9128MB for Windows XP) 8X CD-ROM Drive 640x480 16-bit color display DirectX 8.1 (included) Direct 3D compatible graphics adapter with 16MB VRAM 200MB hard drive space Keyboard or gamepad joystick steering wheel (force feedback supported)Recommended Requirments Pentium III 800MHz 128MB RAM or higher Direct 3D compatible graphics adapter with 32MB VRAM or higher

7772001 | 4 out of 5 Stars!

I have never played the orginal crazy taxi for the dreamcast, so I dedcided to try it on the pc. The gameplay is addicting and what you do is try to get people to their desination as fast as you can. If you are fast to get a small time bonus and extra money. The places you can go are different and unique, but the game has you following the same path most of the times. For example in arcade mode you always drive to the cable car stop first, no matter who you get for a customer. Gameplay does get repetitive, but its still fun seeing if you can get more combos and money by passing cars, doing crazy jumps and drifts.

Also the framerates are okay, sometimes my screen stutters, but it doesn't effect the game. For people who do not have dreamcasts and have never played this game, you ough't to check it out.
C. T. Mikesell | 4 out of 5 Stars!

Crazy Taxi is a very fun rendition of a very fun arcade game. In addition to the arcade map, the software also includes an original map and a set of tutorial mini-challenges. The music is catchy and gameplay is addictive - so much so that it becomes tempting to chase pedestrians off the sidewalk in real life after playing the game a few times.Despite its enjoyability, gameplay grows repetitive fairly quickly. Individual fares always seek the same destinations so you have to make a conscious effort to not play the same game over and over again. As the title of this review suggests, the laws of physics are neither accurately nor consistently modeled in the game: sometimes ramming a city bus will knock you back half a block, sometimes it will bring you to a dead stop, sometimes you'll keep going with no adverse effect at all. Granted, it's best to avoid obstacles in general, but not knowing the outcome ahead of time can be frustrating.One very nice feature is the ability to play for a set period of time (3, 5, or 10 minutes) as well as arcade-style (where game time increases for each successful cab ride). If you only have a few minutes to play it's nice to set the timer for 5 minutes and not worry so much about the timer. Unfortunately, the game can take awhile to load (due to unskippable production company vanity-screens); if you only have 5 minutes to play, plan on playing the 3 minute game once the software finishes loading.All in all, Crazy Taxi a very fun ride (however, after hitting your fourth city bus your passengers may think differently).
Troy | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Crazy Taxi, the smash arcade hit finally comes to PC. Weave your way through crowded streets. Accross sidewalks and even under water in a wild and frantic race to deliver passengers on time. In Crazy Taxi for PC time is money and only the craziest of cabby's earns their fare! Massive, interactive courses will keep you behind the wheel of the cab for hours. There are three types of games that you can play: Arcade, Crazy Box, and the good old original. Also there are 4 unique cab drivers to choose from. also a rocking soundtrack with awesome new songs. No one will be dissapointed by this great game!
Fred Anonymous Smith | 5 out of 5 Stars!

A simple but fun game. You drive a taxi and win points by picking up fares and dropping them off at their destinations as quickly as possible. Of course, driving rules don't necessarily apply in this quest. You do get extra points for passing cars and other obstacles without crashing into them, but more points for getting to the drop off point fast. This, of course, often means it is better to simply push an obstruction out of the way instead of going around it. On the hills, flying over a car, bus, or streetcar, also gains extra points. Of course, you don't have to stick to the streets if a shortcut through the park is quicker (park benches and hotdog stands fly). There are many possible passengers (fares) and many different destinations (Pizza Hut, the beach, church, and so on). This ensures plenty of variety in the game. The game plays quickly, so is a great diversion while not eating up too much time (I prefer short games). The graphics aren't outstanding, but just about perfect for a fast game like this (you're moving too fast to study the scenery). Since pedestrians jump out of the way, there is very little violence. However, the pedestrians will definitely fuss at you for such crazy driving. I first played this at Walmart (on an arcade machine) and laughed till it hurt (it was late at night and I was in a silly mood). The PC version is the same as the arcade version and is as much fun.
Skookie31 | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I've played the arcade version for hours and this brings it home for us folks who use computers instead of video games. Its every bit as good with a couple of extra features and may even lead me to buy a steering wheel add-on for fun. Just a warning, don't expect the world:
Runs fine on my 1.7 GHz P4 laptop and 1.2 GHz Athlon Compaq Presario, but I can't get it working (yet?) on my home built 500 MHz K6-2 with 3dfx 3000/Voodoo 3. Box says minimum 500 MHz P3/Athlon/Duron or 600 Mhz Celeron and 16 MB Direct 3D video. Recommended is 800 MHz P3 with 32 MB Direct 3D video. If it don't work for you, it's time to upgrade!
Also note it adds a minimum of extra features compared to the arcade game, e.g. extra time, second map and a training course. This is not necessarily a bad thing and certainly no reason not to buy. Have fun!
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